Green Building


There are many reasons to build a green home. Green homes save money, provide healthy indoor environments, and reduce impacts on the environment.

An energy efficient home can reduce electric and natural gas bills by 30% or more. Careful analysis of house size and configuration, insulation levels, heating and cooling equipment selection, and ductwork location all enhance energy efficiency. Designing your home to take advantage of natural wind currents, sun angles, and on-site shade reduces the need for air conditioning.


What makes a remodel green? In a nutshell, it means seeking the same objectives with a remodel as we would in new construction: energy efficiency, resource conservation, and a healthy indoor environment.

You get there the same way as new construction: planning and design. Begin with a home energy audit to see where the biggest greening opportunities are, and then look for ways to roll improvements into the scope of future remodeling plans.

Interior Finish Out

Choosing the right interior finishes has a huge impact on indoor air quality and consequently the health of the inhabitants. Many popular products and finishes are made with dangerous chemicals that can off gas for years in a home. Contractors and interior designers have the opportunity to help their clients choose finishes that are environmentally friendly and won’t cause health problems.


Looking to add a new room or other addition to your home? Mod Verde provides home additions while adhering to our green building practices.